Arete was known as the Greek goddess of virtue and knowledge. Her name is associated with excellence in anything. Here is what we from Arete Socium Opus strive for. Our purpose is to provide you with guidance to successfully complete your project and accompany you always as a trusted partner.

By implementing tailor-made procedures to individuals or companies’ desire and maintaining valuable contacts with our stakeholders, we ensure that synergy is created between all parties involved.


At Arete Socium Opus, we consider you as our family and our business partner, and therefore your goals, are our goals.

If your ambitions are focused on a balanced work-life or outstanding accomplishments, ASO will ensure that your objectives are achieved through an efficient structure that will fit all your needs.

Arete Socium Opus has specialists in Business Consultancy in Strategy, Structuration & Optimization. Our services will help you acquire the tools and the knowledge to improve your business in the areas you want to develop.

Our method is to guide you in running or setting up a business by clarifying your vision and how it fits in with your personal goals. We will support you through the process to take the company from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Arete Socium Opus is committed to supporting our clients to develop a partnership that can bring enduring success.


Arete Socium Opus manage critical processes and tasks associated with your company. Externalizing will allow you to focus on the core business and achieving success.

When developing a business, staff grows as well as the costs associated with it. Thanks to remote working, companies can recruit consultants to mitigate these costs. Our approach of tailor-made support aims to develop remote teams within a compliant and efficient framework. 

However, risks and disadvantages exist from HR and Compliance perspectives. A lack of team spirit, a high staff turnover and a low spread of your company values are among them. In some instances, the consulting agreement can be requalified in an employment contract placing the company in a difficult position from a regulatory point of view.

Arete Socium Opus Project management & Tailored consultancy strategy will reduce associated risks and costs. 



Coaching : Expand your knowledge to decide


Develop specific skills and knowledge to build up valuable competencies and improve your performance from Sales & Customer strategies to Negotiating Contracts as well as Regulations. 


For instance, develop your business model and define the borders of the market through our knowledge of renowned strategies such as the “Blue Ocean Strategy.” 


Consultancy : Bringing clarity on specific subjects 

At Arete Socium Opus, we have in-house specialists to provide services to companies setting up their projects in Europe and established companies needing external Business Consultancy advice to grow, structure and optimize.


Tailored Consultancy :  Managing your project 


Our custom approach of consulting aim to bring the best of digitalization with an anchorage point in one location. A compliant and efficient consultancy framework will share your values through physical meetings, team events, incentives, training and onboardings.



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