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Arete was known as the Greek goddess of virtue and knowledge. Her name is associated with excellence in anything. Here is what we from Arete Socium Opus strive for. 

Our mission is to inspire people to take an innovative approach to business growth, helping them improve inefficiencies, freeing their time and accelerating the overall performance of their organizations. Our ideal strategy is an inclusive and authentic process that draws meaning and utility from bringing together the right stakeholders.


Considering each business partner as unique, your goals are what we aim for. Whether your ambitions are focused on a balanced work-life or outstanding accomplishments, ASO will ensure that your objectives are achieved through an efficient structure that will fit all your needs.


As a result, we offer to coach consultants and entrepreneurs to develop their comprehension of all business fields. Understand how business ownership requires mastering intertwined links between marketing sales, contracts, laws, and regulations.


Our method guides you to expand or set up your company by clarifying your vision and how it fits in with your personal goals. Arete Socium Opus is committed to supporting our clients to develop a partnership that can bring enduring success.

For instance, develop your business model and define the borders of the market through our knowledge of renowned strategies such as the “Blue Ocean Strategy.” Learn the difference between tax and administrative residencies or how business owners, management and corporate residencies can affect each other.


Arete Socium Opus manage critical processes and tasks associated with the company. Externalizing will allow the business to focus on its core to achieve success.

Business consultancy costs increase when a firm is expanding, adding to growing staff needs. At ASO, we focus on solutions that reduce both business consultancy and staff management needs. Therefore, we offer to small & medium businesses two complementary lines of Consultancy services: Business & Tailored.

The Business Consultancy offers access to in-house specialists to support startup or established companies in need of external guidance, especially for Online, Cryptocurrency and Igaming industries.


The Tailored Consultancy aims to develop remote teams within compliant and efficient recruitment, onboarding, and staff management framework. As the world embraces remote working, governments tighten the rules increasing compliance costs. Our response is to bring the best digitalization strategies to protect our clients and reduce the associated risks and costs of remote teams.


Coaching : Expand your knowledge 


Unfold specific business skills and knowledge, build up valuable competencies, and improve your performance from Sales & Customer strategies to Negotiating Contracts and Regulations.

Consultancy : Bringing clarity and support

At Arete Socium Opus, we have in-house specialists to provide services to companies setting up their projects in Europe and established companies needing external Business Consultancy advice to grow, structure and optimize.

Tailored Consultancy :  Remote team recruitment, onboarding & management 


Developing a remote team from Malta combined many benefits, such as a friendly environment in terms of business, expatriation, and therefore ability to relocate talents. Our consultants will be your remote team member. Customized management of compliance and HR aspects allows you to focus on the core tasks with your team member.


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Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday

9am - 6pm

48, office 2, Balzan Valley

Balzan, BZN 1407, Malta

Tel. (+356) 7704 8295

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