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At Arete Socium Opus, we appreciate the distinctiveness of each business partner and strive to align our goals with yours.


Whether your ambitions involve a harmonious work-life balance or exceptional accomplishments, ASO is dedicated to facilitating the achievement of your objectives through a customized, efficient approach designed to meet your unique needs.

We offer comprehensive coaching for consultants and entrepreneurs to broaden their understanding of diverse business fields, focusing on the complex interrelationships between marketing, sales, contracts, laws, and regulations crucial to successful business ownership. Our tailored methodology supports you in growing or establishing your company by clarifying your vision and harmonizing it with your objectives.


Arete Socium Opus is committed to building partnerships with our clients, resulting in enduring success. For instance, we guide you in shaping your business model and identifying market boundaries by utilizing our knowledge of prominent strategies, such as the "Blue Ocean Strategy."


Furthermore, we enlighten you on the distinctions between tax and administrative residencies and the implications of business owners, management, and corporate residences on one another.

In addition, we ensure that our clients remain at the forefront of their fields. By continuously adapting our strategies and approaches, we empower businesses to tackle challenges head-on and seize growth opportunities, solidifying their position as market leaders and innovators.


At Arete Socium Opus, we manage critical processes and tasks for your company, allowing you to focus on your core business and achieve success.

As a firm expands, business consultancy and staff management costs often increase. At ASO, we concentrate on solutions that minimize these expenses for small and medium-sized businesses. To this end, we offer two complementary consultancy services: Business and Tailored.

Our Business Consultancy provides access to in-house specialists who can support startups or established companies requiring external guidance, particularly in the Online, Cryptocurrency, and iGaming industries.

On the other hand, our Tailored Consultancy focuses on developing remote teams within a compliant and efficient framework for recruitment, onboarding, and staff management. Compliance costs rise as the world embraces remote work and governments tighten regulations. We respond by implementing the best digitalization strategies to safeguard our clients and reduce the risks and costs associated with remote teams.

By offering a structured approach to coaching and consultancy services, Arete Socium Opus helps businesses adapt to the evolving market, navigate challenges, and capitalize on growth opportunities.


At Arete Socium Opus, we pride ourselves on fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs and providing tailored solutions to help you thrive. 


At Arete Socium Opus, we manage essential processes and tasks, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core competencies and achieve success.

Recognizing growth challenges, we focus on providing solutions minimizing consultancy and staff management expenses for small and medium-sized businesses. Our services are structured into three main categories: Coaching, Business Consultancy, and Tailored Consultancy.

  • Coaching:

    • Target: Consultants and entrepreneurs looking to expand their interdisciplinary skills.

    • Services: Support developing a comprehensive understanding of marketing, sales, contracts, laws, and regulations and aligning business development with personal goals.

  • Business Consultancy:

    • Target: Startups and established companies seeking external guidance.

    • Online Industry: e-commerce, e-services,  Cryptocurrency, and iGaming.

    • Services: Access to in-house specialists for strategic support.

  • Tailored Consultancy:

    • Target: Companies looking to develop remote teams.

    • Objective: Compliant & efficient recruitment, onboarding, and staff management.

    • Approach: Implementing effective digitalization strategies to safeguard clients and minimize risks and costs associated with remote teams.


Our comprehensive Coaching ensures your business development, structuring, and optimization align with your personal goals.

We offer extensive support to enhance your interdisciplinary skills, recognizing the far-reaching impact of company ownership across all business domains.


Consultants and entrepreneurs must develop a deep understanding of the interconnected relationship between marketing, sales, contracts, laws, and regulations.

  • Residencies (work permit, tax, administrative registration...)

  • Marketing, sales & customer strategies

  • Review & Negotiate Contracts

  • Regulations & compliance (personal liabilities, AML, Tax...)


Our in-house specialists assist startups and established companies looking to expand their projects in Europe.

We assist organizations needing external Business Consultancy to grow, structure, and optimize their operations, particularly in the Online, Cryptocurrency, and iGaming industries.

  • Online gaming legislation, License application guidance (UKGC, MGA)

  • Drafting & review of contracts (service, license, distribution, commercial agreements, T&C...

  • Compliance, legal, HR, tax, policies, GDPR, payroll & work Permit guidance

  • Sales & Customer service consultancy


Our Tailored Consultancy is designed to develop efficient and compliant remote teams.


Our streamlined process encompasses recruitment, onboarding, and staff management, mitigating HR risks.


We aim to enhance team spirit, reduce staff turnover, promote company values, and ensure secure consulting agreements.

  • Recruitment: tailored candidate  research, relocation management, social network campaign...

  • Onboarding:  Contract policies, NDA., clarifying performance expectations, Culture, Informing of organization’s structure...

  • Management: payroll, Monthly review, culture shared on team meeting, team event...

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