When speaking with our clients, prospects, acquaintances, entrepreneurs, and like-minded persons, reoccurring questions regarding HR outsourcing were asked. We noticed a general misconception of how and why to outsource HR, what it is, what kind of companies & industries can benefit from it, and what kind of risks are related to it.

While prospecting for new clients, I Am AI Academy offered graciously to build a course
for us.

How to outsource HR and avoid 3 significant risks.

The course is freely available for everyone and handles the following topics:

  • HR Outsourcing

  • Risks

  • HR Outsourcing Process

  • Who is Arete, and how can we help?


So, if you are wondering if HR outsourcing is the right fit for your company, the industry you are in, what the risks are, or if you have any other questions or concerns popping up when thinking about outsourcing HR or want to know more about it?
Then click here or on the icon and learn more about it, Have fun!