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In our interactions with various clients, prospects, acquaintances, entrepreneurs, and people who share similar professional interests, we have come across recurring questions and concerns about HR outsourcing.


We observed that there is a general lack of clarity regarding several aspects of HR outsourcing, including its purpose and implementation, its precise definition, the specific companies and industries that can reap its benefits, and the potential risks that come with it. This highlights the need for better understanding and communication about HR outsourcing as a valuable business practice.

As we were actively engaging in the pursuit of new clients, the I Am AI Academy
  in a display of generosity and collaboration, presented us with the opportunity to have a custom-designed course created specifically for our organization to meet our unique requirements and enhance our capabilities. 


How to Successfully Outsource HR While Mitigating 3 Major Risks

This free course is accessible to all and covers the following topics:

  • HR Outsourcing

  • Identifying Risks

  • The HR Outsourcing Process

  • Introduction to Arete and Our Services


If you're curious about whether HR outsourcing is suitable for your company, your industry, the potential risks involved, or if you have any other questions or concerns related to HR outsourcing and want to learn more, click here or on the icon to dive deeper into the subject. Enjoy!

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