The Greek goddess Arete means “excellence” of any kind, however, in some context, Arete is explicitly linked to “human knowledge” and your preferred partner for projects. Excellence and human knowledge are what we from Arete Socium Opus (ASO) strive for; to successfully complete projects and become your certified partner for your future projects.

By implementing tailor-made procedures to the individuals or companies’ desire and maintaining valuable contacts with our stakeholders, we ensure that synergy is created between all parties involved. Thanks to the synergy, knowledge of finalized projects, and receiving feedback to improve where necessary, we guarantee excellency.



To inspire people to take an innovative approach to business growth, helping them improving inefficiencies, freeing their time and accelerating the overall performance of their organizations.

Our ideal strategy is an inclusive and authentic process that draws its meaning and utility from bringing together the right stakeholders. Tools do not make the strategist- but we do bring the right tools for the job.


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Jean-Guillaume Lenglart
Executive Director and Shareholder  


Mr. Lenglart is graduated from Sorbonne university with masters in business law, taxation and finance. Following that, he worked in Canada, Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta for law firms or large multinationals such as Unilever or Dell. The skills he acquired will ensure compliance and financial accuracy in your business sector.