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At Arete Socium Opus (ASO), we embody the essence of the Greek goddess Arete, representing excellence and human knowledge, to become your trusted partner for successful project completion and future collaborations.

We achieve this by developing customized strategies tailored to the needs of individuals and companies while maintaining solid relationships with our stakeholders. This approach ensures the creation of synergy between all parties involved. We guarantee excellence in all our endeavors by leveraging the knowledge gained from completed projects and embracing feedback for continuous improvement.

Our Mission


At Arete Socium Opus, we inspire individuals to embrace innovation for business growth, enhancing efficiency, liberating valuable time, and accelerating their organization's overall performance.

Our optimal strategy revolves around an inclusive and authentic process that derives significance and effectiveness by uniting the appropriate stakeholders. While tools alone do not define a strategist, we pride ourselves on providing the most suitable instruments for success.


Jean-Guillaume Lenglart, 
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Mr. Lenglart holds a master's degree in Business Law, Taxation, and Finance from the prestigious Sorbonne University. With extensive experience working in Canada, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Malta, he has honed his skills in law firms and renowned multinational corporations such as Unilever, Dell, and Intellias. Leveraging his expertise, Mr. Lenglart ensures compliance and financial precision in your business operations.

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